As I'm getting ready to list more Flatware, I realize my days are like the Forks, Knives and Spoons I sell.

Some days I call Forks, {as in 'F' for}

Fun times

Fast paced {Whoa!}

Fruitful {much accomplished}

Friend {talking and sharing, very important}

Some are Knife days, {'K' is for}

Know nothing day {like see nothing, hear nothing!lol}

Kite {fly away to the moon!}

Kind moments {I treasure}

and then there are the Spoons days {'S' is for}


Special memory {love these!}

Shopping! {one of my Favorites}

Satisfied {all items on my to-do list checked off}

and of course Smile, {a smile is great for so many reasons}! 

Wishing you the best of Fork, Knife & Spoon days!